Horse Hole Creek

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Horse Hole Creek

100 acres of mud, rocks, trails, and racing for Trucks & ATV's!

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    Fast Track ????????????


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    Fast Track ???????????? Empty Fast Track ????????????

    Post  OUTTA PIECES Tue Jun 15, 2010 9:42 am

    Hey Jake, where's our pics from the Memorial weekend race? Evil or Very Mad We came, we raced, twice, some of us, we did'nt run out of bounds, we didn't get stuck, Just had a good time, took what we got and went home. NO PICS? Shocked What about July 3rd.? We gonna race at 12:00 sharp, rain or shine? Twisted Evil Let's roll with it, some of us want to try to make Newberry that night also. Very Happy

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    Fast Track ???????????? Empty Re: Fast Track ????????????

    Post  Admin Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:36 am

    Well I'll make it simple unfortunatley (huge crowd + limited staff = not many pics) I've been looking for a photographer to work these events but have yet to find one reasonable... No The cameras that were here have pics up at kimasmuddawgs... We have a $1000 race this weekend and a $1500 race on 3rd of july... I'm working on getting the races started at 12 but yall see what happends everyone waits till the last minute to sign up Evil or Very Mad so someday I'm just going to be a **** and cut off signup. I am still not sure what to do about rain races? I have asked others in the business and they said its never happended to them Suspect Question The track is still not right after that and its got over 40 working on it... Not to mention the timing system is not waterproof. affraid So needless to say we have alot to talk about in the drivers meeting this weekend... Again I thank everyone who stayed around for the race it sure was a mess, but it was a no win situation!

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